Perjanjian Kerjasama Hotel 88 Banjarmasin

19 Feb, 2021 By: Administrator

Waringin Hospitality is engaged in hotel hotel group management which has 2 brand of 2 star hotel and 3 star hotel. Up to now it has 14 units of hotel managed by both own and investor owned hotel.

The first brand to be established is Hotel 88, which is a business hotel with standard 2 star hotel. The concept of Hotel 88 is Homey, Modern, Best Value. The second brand is Luminor Hotel, a 3 star hotel with lifestyle and business concept. The branch unit of Waringin Hospitality hotel is located in major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jambi, and soon followed in Jember, Yogyakarta, Ambon and Banjarmasin

Waringin Hospitality continues to play an active role in improving and developing Indonesian tourism from the hospitality side by becoming a chains hotel with national standard through high quality products and services but with reasonable price.

On May 31, 2017, Waringin Hospitality held the signing ceremony of Hotel 88 Banjarmasin Cooperation Contract, which was attended by investor Ir.Donny Witono as President Director of PT.Donindo Menara Utama and Management of Waringin Hospitality. Witnessed also by invited guests, Hotel Manager, and media colleagues. The event was held at Luminor Hotel Pecenongan Jakarta, at 18.00 WIB. Followed by Buka Bersama event and press release.

Hotel 88 Banjarmasin is strategically located in downtown Banjarmasin, on Jl. Lambung Mangkurat No.19 Banjarmasin, a culinary tour, surrounded by government centers, and a center of the crowd. While the typical Banjarmasin tour is Floating Market very close to the location 88 Hotel Banjarmasin. With ballroom facilities, meeting room, and restaurant.

Banjarmasin has the right market potential to be further developed from the hospitality industry side, especially budget hotel. Where now the city of Banjarmasin is also developing road infrastructure, ports, airports, and shopping centers.

Hopefully, with the construction of Hotel 88 Banjarmasin will be the developing economic wheel for Banjarmasin City. And the main choice of tourists in choosing hotels in Banjarmasin.