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Holidays to Bandung are more fun at Hotel 88 Kopo
April 30, 2018 hotel88
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BUSINESS INFO – Weekends stay a little longer, have you prepared a plan to spend the holiday later? If not, one of the city destinations that you must visit is the city of Bandung with a cool and beautiful natural charm suitable to spend our vacation time with family and friends. Here are some tourist recommendations in Bandung that can be chosen:

• Chinatown Bandung. Located in the Chinatown area, not far from the largest monastery in Bandung, Satya Budhi Temple, Bandung Chinatown is a culinary center and a new hangout that is currently in hits. In this area there are small shops and stalls selling various Chinese knick-knacks and special foods. Only 30 minutes away from Hotel 88 Kopo.

• Cliff of Hawu Mountain. This mountain has its own appeal compared to other mountains. For sunrise fans, the Cliffs of Hawu Mountain are ready to spoil you with a beautiful view from the time the sun rises before morning. You can even watch this cool scene while lying in a hammock hanging between two cliffs. It is about 41 minutes from Hotel 88 Kopo.

• Goa Pawondan Stone Garden Padalarang. After approximately 20 minutes climbing Mount Pasigit, you will arrive at the mouth of Goa Pawon, a historic site where various prehistoric life remains (which are now on display at the Bandung Geological Museum). If you continue the journey a few more steps towards the top of the mountain, then you will find Stone Garden, a coral-studded geotourism reserve as is usually found on the coast. It is about 56 minutes from Hotel 88 Kopo.

• Farmhouse Susu Lembang. Located on Jalan Raya Lembang, an approximate one hour drive from Hotel 88 Kopo. The place is not difficult to find because it is on the edge of the highway. With unique European-style buildings and Hobbit houses like the one in the Lord of the Ring movie, holidays here will be both entertaining and educational.   • Cikahuripan River. Have you ever heard about the canyon hidden in the Cikah River this passage before? The location is about one kilometer from Cikahuripan tourism object. The path leading to it is dominated by large rocks and rises to a height of 10 meters and is 100 meters away from one side to the other. You can take a one-hour drive from Hotel 88 Kopo.

• Stone of Love. The lake is located in the Situ Patengan area close to Ciwidey. It is said that this stone is the legend of the romantic story between Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis. The distance is around 1 hour 35 minutes by car from Hotel 88 Kopo.

• White crater. The most famous tourist attractions in Bandung. Located in Ciwidey, West Java, approximately 1 hour 32 minutes from Hotel 88 Kopo, Kawah Putih is a lake formed as a result of the eruption of Patuha Mountain.

• Dewata Tea Plantation. Surrounded by the Gunung Tilu nature reserve and conservation area, also its location is very isolated (cellphone signals are also limited). Along the way there you will see protected forests, waterfalls, and even if you are lucky, wild monkeys are hanging in the trees.

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