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June 12, 2017 hotel88
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For the first time Waringin Hospitality held outing activities together with team Hotel 88. This outing activity was held at the homestead of Kompas Gramedia in Cipanas. Participants outing is divided into 2 waves. The first wave departs on 16 – 17 February 2017, while the second wave departs on 20 – 21 February 2017. The total of 169 participants, consisting of staff and manager of Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 120, Hotel 88 Mangga Besar VIII and Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 62. Attended also by the Board of Directors Waringin Hospitality.

The theme that was carried this time is “GROW UP TOGETHER WITH WARINGIN HOSPITALITY“. It reflects that growth in the development of hotels is felt together in a harmonious and humanist atmosphere. With this joint outing event, it is hoped that we can always work together well and develop better for the following years.

The event took place with great excitement, some games are very entertaining the participants also helped enliven the atmosphere, although the conditions when it rained still rushing.

In the evening, each hotel shows up with a show that is very entertaining. Not too missed also the team from the Head Office participate featuring the show with the theme of Indonesian culture “Roro Jonggrang”.

The event is over and closed by singing the song “Kemesraan Ini”. We hope to be able to hold the next outing in the years to come.


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