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November 1, 2014 hotel88
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The ride was very draining breath. Make leg aches by the rise and fall towards the top of the mountain. Against thirst, saving energy. Extraordinary! All shortchanged with beautiful scenery, cool weather. Enjoyment looked at the natural beauty really is not shortchanged.


Starting from October 31, 2014 to coincide with Soft Opening Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 62, all six winners instagram “3 Week Challenge” invited to participate in the event. Simultaneously the distribution of prizes to the lucky winners. Followed by a free one night stay at Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 62.

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The next morning (1 November 2014) they departed from Jakarta to Bandung. Those who set out on this journey, namely: @zamsjourney, @theoruslan (representative of @ab_mrazy), @lcswilliam, @hobyt (representative of @nugrohoaaphoto), @comaxmadethen, and @_agto_ (representative @aripjanuar). This trip is approximately 4 hours to arrive in Bandung, and resumed about three hours from Bandung to Garut. Around 2 pm we finally arrived at Base Camp first.

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The new journey will begin, the first ascent of the mountain we were greeted by sulfur, many of the stones from the ground and the mountains around us. Coupled with the smell of sulfur that really stung once.


The next ascent is enough to make us to be very clever to set breath, because the road began to climb. While we see how good the scenery around us. Had appalled also when we encounter a motorcycle passing by both the rising and falling. They are very astute.


Around 6 pm we finally arrived at the camp ground. It turns out we are not alone, a lot of tents had stood meet this place. The view colorful colorful tents stand becomes a very pleasant thing for us, that means there are many young people who love nature. Heartening.

In the evening, we made a campfire because the air was very cold. After a meal dinner together, sleep is a very special thing. Moreover, sleeping in a tent is the exciting thing. Cold is our friend that night, fortunately sleeping bag can protect us become a little warm.

The next day (2 November 2014) at 5 in the morning, we walked to a specific location to see the sunrise. Only a large rock that became the land beneath us, below us is a flowing river, left-right is the hill lunge that keep us from cold winds.


The journey continues to the Dead Forest neighborhood, we only see the trees were just standing tall with stems and twigs, without a green leaves appear. It’s Magic. Interestingly there is also brother meatball vendor who sells in this place.

And this is the end of our journey is to the summit of the volcano. Excellent hiking trails actually deplete our breath. Because this path ran straight shot upward. But what do we see? The wide expanse of hills edelweiss. Beautiful!


Once satisfied we play on this hill, it’s time we went back down to camp. Short nap, eat together, and go home!

We arrived in Jakarta around 10 pm. The ride was quite tiring though the title “Fun Tracking” but our happiness is priceless. Thanks comrades. May we meet again on another occasion.


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